Thursday, June 28, 2012

Squirrel monkeys

Almost two weeks ago we visited monkey zoo "De Apenheul" in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands. They have a lot of regions where the monkeys can roam about freely. They live in the bushes, in trees, they swing and climb from one place to another and enjoy ropes and ladders. The squirrel monkeys are extremely nosey on top of that and are very comfortable around people. So they mingle amongst the visitors all the time to check out their buggy's, carriages, bags, hair, etc. This results in some nice shots!

Checking out a little flower that Menno put on Elise's buggy.

Sitting comfortably on my niece's head.

A mom with her baby, clinging to its back, on Elise's buggy. The mothers move around like they're not carrying any weight at all. Elise is inviting mom and child to come sit on her arm, but unfortunately they had other plans.

Ilona was really bonding with a cute squirrel monkey. First it climbed on her head and then there was a real emotional hand-holding moment... :-)

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